How To Increase Jio Speed : Improve Jio 4G Internet Speed

By | December 29, 2016

Here is the trick to increase jio internet speed. Get the best trick to improve Reliance Jio 4G Speed using some VPN apps.

 Increase Jio Speed

The band switches automatically as you move to better coverage areas. Using Netvelocity app you can find a spot in your home/office to find 1800MHz/2300Mhz signal in your home.

Use VPN service

Using VPN service to reroute your internet through VPN servers can improve your internet speed to some extend. There are many free VPN service apps available in playstore. You can download anyone of it and test it out yourself. When selecting VPN server in these apps try to select the nearest one(Singapore or Hong Kong).

IP Protocol

One of the main advantages of Jio 4G internet is support for IPv6 protocol. The enw protocol is much more efficient and less congested than older IPv4. However, not all sites support this protocol. Currently sites like Google, facebook has IPv6 support but not their apps

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