FIXED : Reliance Jio Activation Process & Problems

By | October 20, 2016

Here many of you are facing reliance activation problems right? We have shared some of the fixes below for most of the Jio Issues please check it out and comment if you have any query regarding reliance jio activation issues.

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Step by Step Reliance Jio Sim Activation Process

If you don’t know how to get free Jio sim, please refer to this article first. All you will need is Aadhar card & 2 passbook size photos. That’s it!
Do not forget to provide your valid email id at the time of purchase.
Activation process is completely online.
Once you receive free sim card, you will get an email from company.
Follow the steps in the email to activate the sim.
Receipt of bill will be mailed to you & you will also receive the sms of the same.
You should receive 2 messages.
One is of ‘order confirmed’ & other is of ‘sim verification’.
Unless & until you receive these 2 texts from Jio, you can not proceed further. Keep patience because it might take up to few hours or even days.
That was all about activation, but now next step is to verify the ownership.
Make a call on 1977 (toll free) number. Customer care employees might ask you the details in the receipt (which you got in step 6) so keep it in front of you before making call. You also need to enter last 4 digits of Adhar card for verification process.
If you are not being able to call 1977, please read the FAQ given below. We have given a solution for this problem.
Problems Encountered & how to fix them.

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Reliance Jio Not Registered on Network Fix

Switch off your phone & insert sim again in primary slot. Restart your phone & choose 4G LTE network for sim slot 1 from settings. Now it should work, if not keep reading this post until you find solution.

Reliance Jio Not Activated Fix

Just call on 1977 to activate sim. But before that, you must use JoinJio app for activation of number.

Just follow some simple steps given below :

Put Jio sim in slot 1 > Turn on device > enable mobile data on Jio > Open JioJoin app and grant all permissions > Then use the dialer given in the app itself to call 1977 (make sure your 4G data is on else call will not connect).

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Incoming & Outgoing Calls are Not Working

Even though your smartphone is 4G, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it supports VoLTE ( Voice over Long Term Evolution) too. Jio network uses 4G connection to connect calls which drastically improves voice & video calling quality (2 times more than 3G).

Many of our users are facing issues while making incoming & outgoing calls. This means that their phone is not supporting VoLTE at this moment.

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Fix for Jio Calling problems/not working?

All you can do is use JioJoin (now renamed as Jio4GVoice) for making calls. But you don’t need to worry because this problem will not last longer.

Many smartphone makers are now sending updates for VoLTE support to their customers. For example, recently Micromax rolled out new update to Yu Yureka to fix this issue.

It’s independent of hardware, so if your handset is 4G then just seat back & relax until this update hits your phone.

I got only 2GB data, how to convert it to Unlimited?

Unlimited data is a part of Jio Preview Offer. So to activate it, just download MyJio app from play store & sign in using same number which you have bought from reliance digital store. Now within few seconds, a pop will appear to confirm subscription for Preview Offer. Click on Submit & enjoy unlimited 4G data for complete 90 days. 🙂

Many people think that they will get unlimited 4G after consuming 2GB data but it’s not true. Actually, you have to enable ‘welcome/preview offer’ when you have data left on sim.

Even if you have exhausted all data in your account, you can still access My Jio. 🙂 Just turn on Jio data & open MyJio (you won’t be charged) > click on ‘welcome offer’ popup > Enjoy free net!

I am not getting 4G speed on JIO

Make sure you have strong signal strength. Then go to settings & choose ‘prefer mobile data over calling’. Now check your speed. Some samsung models have in built option called ‘download booster’ in ‘more connections & settings’.

Either way, you can try this 5 tricks to increase internet speed by 200%.

Can I Check My Sim Activation Status Online?

No you can’t because there is no such system available right now to check live activation.

Is there any way to activate jio sim online?

This authority is only given to Reliance executives so obviously you can not do anything to speed up the process.

Here is small tip from my side : If possible, try to get jio from Digital stores instead of local retailers for fast sim activation.

What is default APN setting for Jio 4G?

Once you get the range, just switch on mobile data. If you are not getting connected to internet, then something wrong has happened.

Solution is simple! It’s all because of faulty APN settings. Your fix has been elaborated in the following topic :

Why network is not available on my Jio sim?

After switching on phone, if it is not showing any tower/range then here’s how to fix this issue:

Make sure that you have inserted your sim in primary slot. If you have duel sim 4G support, they you can insert in any port.
Go to settings > Mobile networks > Access point names
Choose Jio 4G option from the list.
You should see the following details. If not, then do manual settings like these:
APN : jionet
APN type : Default
Proxy : Not set
Port : Not set
Username : Not set
Password : Not set
Now you should have received range!
Still facing issues, don’t worry. Call Customer care (number is mentioned below).
What is Jio Customer Care Number?

For any queries, call on 1800-890-1977. You can use alternate number which you had provided while buying sim card for making a call.

If they are taking too long to respond, then try these alternate methods.

I want to activate only mobile data, how to do it?

Simply call on above mentioned number to opt for this feature.

Tele-verification Call is not connecting..

Move on to Google play store & download JioJoin app.
Open it & you will see popup : Do you want to use JioJoin as text messaging app?
Click on yes & now call 1977 number. That will fix your problem.
What is the Time Required for Sim Activation?

Not more than 5 minutes! Just follow the procedure given above & you will face no problems.

Still have questions? Then comment below & I will get back to you with solution.

How to Know My Jio Number?

Try dialing *1# USSD code as it is already working for most of the telecom operators like idea & Aircel.

Is it possible to purchase Jio sim card online?

No, there’s no way to book sim online. It can be only purchased from authorized reliance digital stores.

Can I use Jio in 3G Phone?

You can use it in some Mediatek powered android devices. Here is in-depth guide to use this trick.

Jio Join is offline [Fix]

This problem is coming because you do not have active internet connection. To solve this, just turn on Jio mobile data & then open JioJoin (now called Jio4GVoice). It will 100% work after following above steps.

If you have already done this & still facing same problem then try this fix:

Go to settings & click on ‘applications’. From the list, select Jio4GVoice & tap on ‘permissions’. Grant all the permissions one by one and then you are done!

All Lines are Busy While Calling on Jio

Sometimes it can take upto 7-8 attempts to make a call from Jio to other number. But in most of the cases, fault is not with your Jio sim but with the network to which you are calling.

Recently, Airtel has announced to provide more POI (Points of Interconnection) which will ensure quick call connection with good voice quality.

Why I’m Getting only 4 GB Data per Day?

First of all let me tell you, Jio preview offer & Jio welcome offer are different from each other. Earlier, that is 1 month ago users were getting enrolled for Preview offer. It was giving unlimited data, calling & there was no capping over 4G usage.

On 5th September, users plan were automatically migrated from preview to welcome offer which now gives only 4GB data per day.

Once you cross this limit, speed will not go higher than 128 Kbps! But you can again use 4GB data on next day till 31st December 2016.

So, is there any way to bypass this? Unfortunately No.

But if you are ready to spend Rs.1999/- they JioFi is best option. Reliance’s official site promises to give high speed data on JioFi as a part of welcome offer. Means probably there will be no capping over data. If someone of you can confirm this, then please comment below so that everyone can take benefit of this offer.For more detail information log on Reliance jio sim card website


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